Firelight Glass is the premier design manufacturer of handblown glass oil candles.  Found in some very famous settings, from the chapel of a royal court to the set of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Firelight brings the age-old magic of candlelight into imaginative homes the world over.  Homes just like yours.

Each candle is mouth blown and hand turned by a small group of highly skilled California artisans who sculpt the finest hot-molten crystalline glass, using old-world hot-working techniques, plus modern proprietary technology.

The difference?  Absolutely seamless sculpture, taking glass daringly close to the edge of what it can do.  To bring you, quite simply, a better oil candle.  Each fitted with a life-time fiberglass wick.  For all the romance of candlelight.  None of the mess of dripping wax.

Taper Candles:

Chimney Candles:


Center Piece Candles:

Table Lights:

Architertural Accents:

Lamp Oil:

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